Are the Miami Heat in Trouble? When Will LeBron Take Over?

This is why I thought the Bulls were in great position to win a title: They could whirl and prance their way into the Eastern Conference Finals as the Miami Heat faced off the always annoying Indiana Pacers.

But, as we know, things have changed. The Bulls are gone and so is Chris Bosh. The Indiana Pacers played the way a team should play when its opponent is missing its starting all-star power forward. They moved the ball around the perimeter, crashed the offensive boards and pretty shut Dwyane Wade who had one of the worst games of his professional career.

It becomes a battle of philosophy: the star-laden Miami Heat vs. the all-around balanced Indiana Pacers.

I won’t believe the Pacers can win this series until they win the next home game at 3-1, but if you’re a Heat fan, you’re allowed to be concerned—especially since Chris Bosh won’t be back for the series.

Yet again, Wade continues to heave shots and LeBron hasn’t demonstrated the kind of ambition you’d want from one of the best players of all time in a mini crisis. Look, this is as good of an opportunity for LeBron to win the title as ever. The Bulls were the top seed and are gone. What stands after the Pacers series is a pushover in the Boston Celtics.

As much as Bulls fans love to hate on LeBron James (HATE, HATE, HATE!), he’s the best player in the game. But there comes a time when you have to be the best player at the most important time.

Is he that guy?

They’re still good enough to beat the Pacers sans Chris Bosh, but I can’t imagine why LeBron won’t dominate the next four games. It’s time that he does.

Isn’t it?

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