Why You Should Root for LeBron James and Kevin Durant

Yes, you're a Bulls fan but if you're an NBA fan, this is candy.

LeBron James is an all-time player, yet an all-time contradiction. Maybe the most athletic specimen to ever play a professional sport, LeBron is too often lambasted for being a natural passer.

But, now, against Kevin Durant and Oklahoma City Thunder, it’s never been more important for him to go against his own tendencies and be aggressive, if not selfish the way he plays on the offensive side.

This is NBA history were about to witness with the two best players in the game about to pair off in the most important contest in years.

A lot of sports outlets will cast LeBron as the villain to the cherub Durant. But there’s not much of that.

All that matters is now is if LeBron wins. His fate is in his own hands. Whether you like him, shouldn’t matter.

I’m rooting for greatness—whether it’s LeBron or Durant.

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