Bulls Pick Up Kirk Hinrich...And They're Satisfied

This move. Hell, yeah. THIS will get you past the Heat and now the New Jersey Nets and New York Knicks.

The Miami Heat pick up Ray Allen, the game’s best pure shooter and a marvel off the ball. The Chicago Bulls tip the scales by acquiring Kirk Hinrich.

Yes, these are high times for the mighty Bulls. The combo guard is a safe, pleasant pick up for a team that is safe and pleasant. Their offseason has been safe and pleasant.

The Bulls uber conservative approach to an offseason essentially concludes with one of the most polarizing players in its recent history—John Paxson’s first draft pick. Hinrich is the toast without the butter. A plain combo guard without playmaking ability. 

I’m sure Sam Smith and KC Johnson are doing cartwheels.

Look, in an offseason when the champions have improved and one of the league’s best players (that would be Dwight Howard) is being sold on a discount because of his inexcusable immaturity, the Bulls are standing pat.

Meanwhile the Lakers have put themselves back into position for another title by adding Steve Nash. On a team that  needed an offensive injection, they got it in Nash.

From afar, it’s easy to be critical of a professional sports team. We don’t have to do the budgeting nor scouting, but this way-too-subtle approach to architecting this roster is disturbing. The Bulls could have taken a chance on Brandon Roy but let the Timberwolves outbid them.

I don’t know why the Bulls have become complacent and don’t see that the wear and tear on Rose has built from three in a half electric seasons.

Why the Bulls don’t actively look to improve their roster and get a second true star behind Rose is puzzling.  Why their names haven’t been mentioned in picking up Howard wreaks a flawed philosophy.

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